State park entry fees could go down

Lansing, MI – LANSING (MPRN) - The cost of visiting a state park or recreation area could go down next year for Michigan residents. House and Senate leaders say the Legislature will adopt a plan soon to dump the $24 annual windshield sticker and the $6 daily entry fee.

Instead, park users would pay $10 for a license plate that gives them access to state parks, recreation areas, and boat launch sites.

Rebecca Humphries is the director of the state Department of Natural Resources. She says the lower fee will help attract more park users.

Humphries says that will generate badly needed revenue for Michigan's 90-year-old park system. For example, Humphries says, the roof to the visitor center at the Ludington State Park caved in last week.

The new park fee would be indexed to inflation. Out-of-state park visitors would have to buy an $8 day pass, or a $29 annual sticker.