State’s Deputy Superintendent Wants Focus On Improving Test Scores & Skilled Trades Education

Apr 10, 2018

Michigan students aren’t doing well nationally in areas like reading and math. That’s according to results on a nationwide test. Meanwhile, the state is focused on increasing skilled trades training.

Michigan is near the bottom in areas like 4th grade reading and 8th grade math. The so-called “nation’s report card” also says Michigan hasn’t significantly improved in years.  

Sheila Alles is the Chief Deputy State Superintendent. She’s on board with the governor’s proposal to put millions of dollars toward programs focused on skilled trades in K through 12th grade classrooms.

“It will allow students who learn differently to have those needs met differently and students to demonstrate their learning differently.” Alles says.

Alles says there are already tools out there to help teachers improve student literacy. And the Board of Education will continue to focus on improving traditional education as well as skilled trades.