State’s New Minimum Wage And Earned Sick Time Laws Start Friday

Mar 29, 2019

Michigan’s new minimum wage and earned sick time laws are scheduled to take effect Friday. But as capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports, the laws are facing challenges.

Lawmakers adopted the ballot measures before they could go to voters – and then changed them in the “lame duck” Legislative session before they got signed into law.

Advocates who backed the original proposals say that was illegal. The Michigan Supreme Court and Attorney General Dana Nessel could weigh in on the issue.

Wendy Block is with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. She says members are flooding their office with questions about how to make sure they’re following the law.

“I think there’s this twinge of doubt. Like I’ve done all this work to get my policy in compliance with the law and this could all change.”

Block says they hope that if at any point there’s an opinion that changes the laws, employers will have time to comply.