State of the State podcast looks at state preemption laws and local government legacy costs

Dec 1, 2017

Each month, MSU professors Charles Ballard and Matt Grossmann engage in a lively discussion of Michigan policy and current events.

Grossmann directs MSU’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR), and he’s a political scientist at MSU. Ballard is an economist at MSU and directs IPPSR’s State of the State survey.

On this edition of State of the State, Grossmann and Ballard welcome another MSU economist to the program, Joshua Sapotichne. He directs MSU’s Public Policy Program. And he’s an expert on local government and state/local relations.

On each episode, they run down 2 or 3 hot topics, pointing to research on each policy issue.

The topics on this episode are state preemption laws and local government legacy costs.

On the State of the State podcasts, they aim to promote historical and national context for Michigan issues and apply research to the state’s top problems. They aren't necessarily your best source for day-to-day legislative politics, who’s winning and losing, and political strategy advice. They provide researchers’ views of how policy differs across states, how Michigan is positioned nationally, and the influence of policy on economic and social outcomes.

MSU Today airs Sunday afternoons at 4:00 on 94.5 FM and AM 870.