'Storming the Hill' to stem veteran suicides

Mar 27, 2014

Iraq war veteran Nick Cook now works to help Michigan veterans with access to benefits and other resources.
Credit stormthehill.org

All this week, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been in Washington D.C. to lobby for legislation aimed at reducing the numbers of veteran suicides.

They also focus on the troubles some veterans have in finding employment after their service days are over.

Two Michigan veterans joined Current State from Washington: Ingrid Tighe, an employment analyst with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, and Nick Cook, the MVAA’s director of targeted outreach and performance management. They spent the week talking with Representatives and Senators as part of the effort called Storm the Hill.

Tighe says this week's lobbying is an initiative of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), a non-partisan group of veterans representing the newest generation of veterans.