Survey: Most MI Teachers Oppose Concealed Carry in Schools

May 14, 2018

As state lawmakers debate new school safety measures, Michigan’s largest teachers union says most of its members don’t want to be armed in school. 


The Michigan Legislature is weighing school safety bills, including some that would train certain teachers how to use firearms in case of a threat. 


The Michigan Education Association polled just over a thousand of its members, and found 71 percent oppose allowing employees to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. 


MEA president Paula Herbart says that sends a clear message to Lansing.


“Policy makers should listen to educators who work every day with students, instead of pushing irresponsible proposals that make our schools less safe,” Herbart says.


Nearly three-quarters of those polled said they instead support increased funding and resources for mental health counseling as a proactive measure to prevent gun violence.