Updated State Road Plan Does Not Include More Money

Jul 22, 2019

The state Department of Transportation has just released a new 5-year plan to maintain and fix Michigan’s roads.

The rolling five-year plan for road repairs is updated every year. This year’s plan does not include the additional money Governor Gretchen Whitmer has requested to fix roads.

Jeff Cranson is with the transportation department. He said the plan does not take into account the governor’s request to the Legislature for more road funding.

“With the governor’s plan, very thoughtful plan, we could expedite, move up a lot of these things, add a lot more things into this five-year plan and adapt quickly,” said Cranson.

The Democratic governor has asked for a 45-cent increase in Michigan’s fuel tax. That would generate an additional $2.5 billion dollars in the first year for road repairs.

The gas tax hike has proven to be a tough sell with Republicans, who control the state Legislature. GOP leaders say fixing roads is a top priority. But they’re looking for other ways to raise the money.