Vision | Curious Crew | Ep. 201

Nov 23, 2015

Floating finger, hole in my hand, bulls-eye drop? WATCH NOW

Explore the complexity of vision, and how the eye and the brain work together! In this episode you can follow along as Curious Crew learns about the rods, cones, and optic nerve. Then take a shot at the STEM Challenge in building a peripheral vision protractor to explore what the eye sees first.


Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. The Eye Team (pdf): It’s a one-eye challenge! Can you do it?
  2. Bulls-Eye Drop (pdf): Another one-eye challenge! Is it easier with a friend?
  3. Hole in 1? (pdf): See what happens when you use only one eye to do a simple task.
  4. Strings under Your Nose (pdf): Two strings or one? Investigate how your eyes work together.
  5. It's in my Blind Spot! (pdf): Demonstrate that your eyes have a blind spot, and show how they work together with the brain to overcome it.
  6. Benham's Top (pdf): Surprise your friends with an amazing spinning disc that fools the eyes. 
  7. Visual Illusions (pdf): Amaze your family and friends with these illusions!
  8. Afterimage and Vision Persistence (pdf): See what happens when you challenge your eyes in two different ways.
  9. Floating Finger (pdf): Can you make a finger float? Find out how! 
  10. Hole in the Hand (pdf): Hide your hand behind your back and tell your parents you have a hole in your hand. After they calm down, show them how they can have one, too!

STEM Challenge - Making a Peripheral Vision Protractor (pdf): What can you see out of the corners of your eyes? Is it easy to see motion? Color? Shape?

first air 11/23/15 Ep. 201