WATCH - Cooley Law School Stadium Transforms To Do Double Professional Franchise Duty

May 22, 2019

Originally designed to just be a professional minor league baseball stadium, Cooley Law School Stadium has been hosting the Lugnuts and a soccer franchise for the first time. 

LANSING, Mich. – Cooley Law School Stadium has been hosting Lansing Lugnuts games fornearly a quarter-century. But change has definitely come, as it currently is in the first season ofhosting professional baseball and professional soccer.

The Lansing Ignite is the first professional soccer team in the state of Michigan since 1980,when the Detroit Express played in the Pontiac Silverdome. The Ignite belongs to the USLLeague One, formed as a Division III club for the Lansing community.

Adding soccer to Cooley Law School Stadium has given the grounds crew a much biggerassignment for the spring and summer. A lot goes into transforming the field from baseball tosoccer, as 4-foot by 100-foot strips of sod are laid down on the left side of the infield to coverup the dirt.

Having played at home already, the Ignite and grounds crew have discovered some issues withthe sod popping out during games. However, like most things, with repetition the process willstart becoming easier.

WKAR Current Sports beat reporter Ian Kress looks at how Cooley Law Stadium will serve twodifferent types of professional franchises.