WATCH NOW: Evening with the Governor

Dec 18, 2014

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Governor Rick Snyder, First Lady Sue Snyder, and Tim Skubick
Credit Stacy Hoxsey / WKAR-MSU

There is only time each year when the governor of Michigan and the first lady are interviewed together and the tradition continues as Michigan Public TV through the facilities of Michigan State University television presents An Evening With the Governor. Anchored by WKAR-TV's senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick, the hour long program presents a lively, personal, in-depth, and revealing exchange as they cover everything from why the governor wants speculation to continue about running for president, to what it's like to live in an empty nest now that the Snyder children are gone from home.

The governor also touches on supplying body cameras for police officers around the state but warns that the more important agenda is to address the social issues that require those cameras in the first place. The far-reaching exchange includes the governor's view on the intellectual level of blogs. He says it is "in very low numbers" and how his Super Bowl commercial with him emerging from underwater in a scuba outfit was probably not the best commercial in the world. "You learn from experience," he explains as he concedes it was a mistake.

The first lady reflects on the campaign and how she was very unhappy when his opponent attacked her husband for allegedly lying on cuts to education. "I told him he needed to get out there and address that," she reveals, while reporting for the first time that she actually did a TV commercial for her husband but it ended up on the cutting room floor. "I asked the producer why that happened," she jokes.

It's a rare opportunity to view what life is like as a First Family.