What are some high-interest topics for children preK through grade 3?

Jul 14, 2020

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

PreK through third graders love learning, which means you can't go wrong when it comes to high-interest engagement with most subject areas. However, here are my top 3 topics that always bring children back for more exploration and information.

1. ANIMALS: Kids love learning about animals. Giraffes, lions, tigers -- oh my! -- are wonderful animals to research. I'd also encourage you to think outside the box and explore a wide variety of species like lemurs, pangolins, and flying sticks. Here's an article from PBS Parents suggesting several ways to explore and of course check out Wild Kratts on WKAR for more ideas.

2. UNIVERSE: Kids love learning about the universe and all connecting elements. Helping children soar through the Milky Way, Solar System, constellations, nebula, and planets can create months of learning and fascination. WKAR's ReadyJetGo is another wonderful resource for more ideas.

3. TRANSPORTATION DEVICES: Kids are always on the go and learning about ways to make travel happen keeps them coming back for more. Trains, planes, and automobiles only scratch the surface. Learning about submarines, hovercraft, and jet planes and the history of them all makes a thrilling ride.

Mrs. Pizzo

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