What is a simple way to promote learning all summer long?

Jun 23, 2020

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop

A: To keep learning simple and easy, model wonderment of the world around us.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, wonderment is defined as "a cause of or occasion for wonder and curiousity about something." Simply stated wonderment can be modeled by questioning. Children ask questions often. These questions represent a child's fascination and interest in whatever they are experiencing. It can seem tiresome to answer each one but modeling the same fascination with learning by asking your own questions teaches children learning is a lifelong process. A fatal flaw of parenting is being a know-it-all. This can send the wrong message about the importance of always being willing to learn. And remember WKAR.org has tons of engaging and fun resources to help discover answers together.

Mrs. Pizzo

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