What's New on WKAR, September 20th

Sep 23, 2013

Cellist Marta Bagratuni leads off with two selections from her new disc of diverse music called Pieces of the World.   The delightful new release pairs Marta with (among others) her father, MSU cello professor Suren Bagratuni.  Epic Stravinsky, a Chopin sonata and the Stuyvesant quartet round out What's New.  And be sure to catch the bonus track at show's end from The New Friends of Rhythm...a 1940's classical/jazz ensemble that was certainly new to me!

Sonata for 2 cellos/Fratres/Bagratuni/Blue Griffin

Stravinsky/The Rite of Spring/NY Phil, Bernstein/Columbia

Marta Bagratuni

Chopin/Cello Sonata in g/Albany

Mozart/String Quartet K 595/Stuyvesant/Bridge