Wheels and Axles | Curious Crew | Ep. 301

Jan 2, 2017

Difficult doorknobs, funnel races, water wheels and pinwheel power! WATCH NOW

The Curious Crew learns that a wheel and axle consists of a round wheel that works together with an axle so that they rotate together. Then try a STEM challenge making a rubber band powered wheel and axle. 

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Download the #CuriosityGuide

  1. Difficult Doorknobs (pdf): Why do doors have doorknobs? Find out with this simple investigation.
  2. Funnel Races (pdf): Learn more about how a wheel and axle work together.
  3. Wagon Wheels (pdf): Show how wheels make a job easier!
  4. Axle Adult (pdf): Find out how to turn an adult around with little effort! All it takes is a simple machine!
  5. Pinwheel Power (pdf):  Make a pinwheel that work!
  6. Waterwheel Work (pdf): Woo-hoo, a water investigation! Make a waterwheel and watch it work.
  7. Mousetrap Car (pdf): Can you make a car out of a mousetrap? Yes, you can!

STEM - Rubber-Band-Powered Wheel-and-Axle Car (pdf): Build and test a rubber-band car, then improve the design to make the car go faster or travel further!