When artificial intelligence suggests a dystopian future

Feb 7, 2014

With the increasing intelligence of machines, there is a growing concern that they will no longer require directions from humans in order to function.
Credit Flickr - chiarashine

In the 2014 Oscar nominated film “Her,” a writer falls for his highly advanced operating system. The film is rosy compared to typical Hollywood movies about Artificial Intelligence like "Terminator" or "I-Robot". These films depict violent clashes between technology and humanity. 

James Barrat, author of “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era,” thinks the second movie scenario is more likely. But he notes there’s a major flaw with the hostile fictional portrayal of A.I.. On the silver screen humans always win, but in reality A.I. could  be what destroys mankind. 

Barrat told Current State’s Emanuele Berry that he wrote the book to share the idea that Artificial Intelligence is a dual use technology.