Whitmer Asks For More Doses, Ramps Up Vaccine Goals

Mar 31, 2021

Box of COVID-19 vaccine bottles
Credit Scott Pohl / WKAR/MSU

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has doubled Michigan’s vaccination targets as the pace of COVID-19 related deaths has accelerated and the state leads the nation in per capita COVID cases.

The earlier target of 50,000 shots daily is now 100,000 shots a day. The drive to vaccinate more people is a race against the spread of new, more contagious COVID variants.

“Michigan is making great strides as our rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines continues ramping up,” Whitmer said in a press release from her office. “The safe, effective vaccines are one of the best ways to protect you and your family from coronavirus, and they are essential to getting our country back to normal so we can hug our families, get back to work, send our kids to school, and get together again. These new, higher vaccine targets are a testament to what we can do together, and we need to meet them so we can keep rebuilding our economy."

Whitmer made no mention of reimposing COVID-19 restrictions.

The governor has asked the Biden administration for help managing outbreak hotspots. At the same time, the federal government has boosted Michigan’s vaccine allocation. The additional doses will go to COVID-19 vaccination centers and to local pharmacies.