Whitmer: No Plans To Impose Restrictions, Hertel Trip Complaints 'Hit Job'

Apr 14, 2021

Governor Gretchen Whitmer said Wednesday that Michigan will increase the use of antibody therapies to treat high-risk people diagnosed with COVID-19. She said there are still no plans to impose new restrictions to deal with a surge in COVID cases.

The governor said antibody therapies could help relieve symptoms, and keep people out of the hospital. Whitmer said that’s critical as the state faces a new surge in COVID cases and is pressed for resources.

“We’re in a tough spot, Michigan,” she said during an online press conference.

But Whitmer said there are no plans to issue new restrictions on gatherings or sports. She said the problem now is compliance, not the rules.

“We are encouraging people to do what we know works. That’s the most important thing we know that we can do. It’s not a policy problem. It’s a variant and compliance problem.”

When asked, Whitmer refused to bring Michigan Department of Health and Human Service Director Elizabeth Hertel to task for taking a Gulf Shores vacation, despite advice to avoid unnecessary travel during the pandemic.

Whitmer called criticisms “a political hit job,” and said what Hertel does on her own time is her business.