WKAR Family Celebrates Science! | MSU Science Festival Tour Day

Apr 10, 2017

Sat. Apr. 15 at 1pm – 3pm in WKAR Studio A | Celebrate science with WKAR Family as part of the MSU Science Festival Tour Day!

Bring your whole family to WKAR studios for an interactive celebration of all things science. Join Rob Stephenson and the Curious Crew for hands-on experiments and fun investigations.

Meet and greet the most curious of them: Curious George!

Then, take an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour to see the technology that makes WKAR work, on the air and in the studio. It’s all part of this year’s MSU Science Festival Tour Day!

WKAR Studio A, MSU - 404 Wilson Rd, East Lansing

FREE Parking in Trowbridge Ramp - 1149 Red Cedar Road, East Lansing, MI 48824

For more information, please visit sciencefestival.msu.edu.