WKAR At-Home Getaways | 90.5 FM Classical Special

Jul 16, 2020

Mon., Jul. 20 - Fri., Jul. 24, 9am-4pm on 90.5 FM & STREAMING | Join Jody Knol and Jamie Paisley for a week-long tour around the world through music. 

Jody and Jamie will have ports of call at the top of every classical music hour, in hopes that listeners will take as many excursions as they please. There's no deposit needed, but then again, these sojourns do not cost a thing! 

Monday, July 20 
Morning: London, Croatia, The Grand Canyon, Denmark
Afternoon: Mount Rushmore, Africa, Brazil

Tuesday, July 21
Morning: Paris, New England, Caribbean, Vienna (Places Jody visited with his wife, Aleda)
Afternoon: Linz, Japan, Ukraine

Wednesday, July 22
Morning: Southern California, Portugal, Florence, Thailand
Afternoon: Cairo, Athens, Romania

Thursday, July 23
Morning: Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Quebec
Afternoon: The Danube, Oxford, The Arctic Circle

Friday, July 24
Afternoon: A game with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Isla Nubar off Costa Rica, Algeria, The Rhineland Germany, Coastal Maine