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MSU Today is a lively look at MSU-related people, places, events and attitudes put into focus by Russ White. 

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon will give an update on the FRIB project.  Kirk Heinze talks with MSU turf grass expert Kevin Frank and Michigan Farm Bureau President Wayne Wood.

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and Athletic Director Mark Hollis talk with MSU Men's and Women's golf coaches - Casey Lubahn and Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll.  Kirk Heinze talks with Bill Demmer, William Taylor, and Jordan Burroughs about the Boone & Crockett Program and the Demmer Shooting Sports Education and Training Center.

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and MSU Athletics Director Mark Hollis talk with MSU Provost Kim Wilcox.  MSU Assistant Professor of Marketing Dr. Clay Voorhees describes how generation-wise attitudes and preferences are impacting the cars we'll drive in the future.

Kirk Heinze talks with MSU Institute of Water Research Director Jon Bartholic, get an update on the green roof movement from MSU Professor of Horticulture Brad Rowe, talks with Bel Lago Vineyards owner, Charley Edson, and learns what landscape lymnology is from MSU Associate Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife, Dr Patricia Soranno.

Kirk Heinze talks with the leaders of Schupan Recycling and Clean Energy Coalition.  Octagenerian MSU Alumnus Jack DeBoer talks about his book Risk Only Money and a conversation about orthopedic biomechanics at MSU.

MSU President Lou Ann K. Simon and Athletic Director Mark Hollis talk with Mike Hamm about urban agriculture's future in Detroit.  Kirk Heinze talks with Michigan Agribusiness Leader Jim Byrum, too; and Paul W. Smith about the greening of the auto industry.

MSU President Lou Ann K Simon and Athletic Director Mark Hollis have conversations with inspiring MSU gymnast Kathryn Mahoney and the Dean of Sports Broadcasting Journalism Tim Staudt.

Kirk Heinze talks with the Ocean Doctor, David Guggenheim, about the health of the world's oceans and our Great Lakes.  MSU's new media driver's license course is discussed by Rick Cole and Derek Mehraban.

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis talk with MSU's Dean of Education, Don Heller and Founding Director of MSU's Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, Michael Rush.

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon talks about FRIB funding, BCS tweaking, and MSU's Energy Transition Plan.  Also appearing will be MSU Women's Basketball Coach Suzy Merchant and MSU Viticulturalist Robin Usborne.

MSU's President and Athletic Director talk to U of M's President and Athletic Director.  Charles Fishman visits with his book, The Big Thirst.

Detroit Free Press Columnist Mark Phelan previews the Detroit Auto Show.  Mark Hollis and Scott Westerman talk with MSU Office of Inclusion Leader Paulette Granberry Russell and MSU Communication Arts & Sciences Dean Pam Whitten.

 MSU President Lou Anna Simon talks about the Be Spartan Green initiative, MSU AgBio Research Director Dr Steve Pueppke talks, and an interview with Spartan Athletics Senior Associate Athletics Director Shelley Applebaum.

Russ White presents Mitch Albom's December 10, 2011 Commencement Address, Joe Wald talks about the Greater Lansing Food Bank, and MSU Alumni Association's Executive Director Scott Westerman introduces you to inspiring MSU Alumni Brittany Fox and her Thai Song Fair Trade.