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MSU hires Judd Herzer for new mobility director role

Judd Herzer
Russ White | MSU Today
Judd Herzer

Michigan State University has named Judd Herzer as the director of MSU Mobility to help amplify and focus the university’s vast research activities in the smart-vehicle landscape.

Mobility is among MSU’s principal areas of research and innovation, and MSU Mobility and its partners will benefit from having a dedicated leader to guide and promote the university’s commitment to advancing its extensive mobility-focused efforts.

In his new role, Herzer will lead university-wide initiatives under the MSU Mobility umbrella to advance knowledge and practice around next-generation transportation technologies.

Conversation highlights:

(2:50) – “These new technologies will change not just the mobility industry, but our society as a whole.”

(4:57) – “Thoughtfully encapsulating all the perspectives is important and should guide our work at MSU.”

(5:55) – “One of the biggest roles for me will be coordinating our mobility work across six different colleges because, again, mobility is more than just the next vehicle that’s coming out. It’s really going to change our society holistically.”

(6:20) – “MSU’s mobility team is incredibly strong, from the university and college leadership through researchers and students on down and is committed to making it a cornerstone of the university.”

(7:26) – “MSU is currently transforming its 5,200-acre campus into a live and connected mobility ecosystem of 8.1 square miles of contiguous urban, suburban, industrial, and rural areas…it makes MSU truly an ideal, one-of-a-kind location for research and testing and deploying mobility technologies in a real-world scenario with the ability to do so in all four seasons.”

(9:06) – “Our short-term goal is that we want to do more. And the long-term goal after that is to do even more on top of that.”

(9:21) – “Challenges and opportunities I look at as one in the same. A singular answer is pace.”

(12:23) – “It happens here for a reason. MSU is a great place for new, innovative ideas and transformational research that is really going to define what the future of mobility is, not just for Michigan and our automotive industry, but for our society at large and for our global community.”

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