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Alumni help enhance MSU School of Packaging teaching, research, and industry partnerships

Michigan State University has a newly renovated School of Packaging Building, following a fundraising campaign that raised more than $10 million.

Upgrades to the facility, which was last updated in 1986, will help MSU remain a leader in the packaging field. The School of Packaging Building renovation helps to modernize teaching and learning by adding flexible classrooms that seamlessly integrate technology. Collaboration-friendly spaces invite industry partners to engage with students, and the modernized facilities will attract faculty by providing the proper space and tools to conduct world-class research.

The Lansmont Corporation extended its investment in packaging durability testing and research by donating test and measurement technologies for the Lansmont/PPT Group Laboratory. Their in-kind equipment donations include a TruMotion Acceleration Sled system, updated data acquisition system, vibration table controller and software, shock table and controller, as well as next generation SAVER units.

Matt Daum
Russ White | MSU Today
Matt Daum

Matt Daum is the director of MSU’s School of Packaging. And MSU alumnus Eric Joneson is vice president of technology for Lansmont. They talk about what makes MSU’s School of Packaging the leader in packaging education. They discuss the packaging building renovations and how they will enhance that educational experience. They talk about challenges and opportunities ahead for the packaging industry, too, and give reasons why young people should consider careers in packaging.

Conversation Highlights:

(0:46) – “Most people have not heard of packaging or don’t know that you can actually get a degree in packaging.”

(5:09) – “The people at the Naval Post Graduate School got in communication with Dr. James Goff here at Michigan State and wondered if this whole methodology or approach that works for testing and building better or more robust communications equipment and electronics for military applications, why wouldn’t it work for commercial, off the shelf products?”

(7:21) – “We really felt it was important for us to update our facilities to enhance the way that we teach and to be a focal center point and something our alumni can be proud of.”

Eric Joneson
Russ White | MSU Today
Eric Joneson

(11:12) – “This is a very pivotal time in the history of packaging and in particular this field of distribution packaging.”

(14:02) – “It’s important to know about each of those three things: product, environment, and packaging. The three of those have to work together and complement one another to deliver products of quality to consumers.”

(18:27) – “There’s a little bit of science. There’s a little bit of art. There’s a little bit of communications. There’s a little bit of business. For those who have curious minds and like to connect different ideas and disciplines together, we offer that in our program.”

(20:47) – “It’s not atypical to be in Brazil, Korea, China, Japan, The Netherlands and walk by a cubicle and see a green “S.” I’ve probably said Go Green Go White on six or seven continents. It’s pretty cool.”

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