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Chief Safety Officer Updates Safety and Security Measures at MSU

Marlon Lynch
Derrick L. Turner
Marlon Lynch

Throughout the summer months, work on expanding Michigan State University’s safety and security network has continued. MSU stands committed to making sure its campus is a safe place for all Spartans – students, faculty, staff, and visitors alike.

MSU Vice President and Chief Safety Officer Marlon Lynch updates the progress of the work that has been completed over the summer.

Conversation highlights:

(1:45) – “The process of centralizing security systems and creating additional layers of security through staff and technology has been underway for about a year and a half.”

(3:18) – “We have an initiative we’re working on now to utilize outdoor speakers. And we’re going to go to a tone that we’ll have to educate our community on. It’s like the monthly tornado sirens that we hear, but it will be distinctly different.”

(4:30) – “We are about 60 percent complete with the door lock installations.”

(11:39) – “The implementation of the security technology is a force multiplier. It allows us to see this huge campus and provide additional opportunities to see what’s going on, both visually through cameras and electronically through security systems, and then respond accordingly with the tools that are necessary for both the immediate response and the investigative component.”

(12:46) – “What was consistent was that they did not see an increase in alcohol-related incidents at the stadium.”

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