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Spartan Community Letter highlights the excellence of MSU and its people

Teresa K. Woodruff
Michigan State University
Teresa K. Woodruff

Michigan State University Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff elaborates on topics she covers in her August 2023 Spartan Community Letter, which you can read by clicking on the communications tab at president.msu.edu.

Conversation highlights:

(1:22) – “It’s an exciting time. I was at a meeting this summer, and someone was saying they’re despairing for the future. And I said I’m not because of our MSU students and their energy, drive, and determination.”

(2:19) – “The Beal Garden is my favorite place on campus. It’s a wonderful living, learning laboratory in a beautiful spot of reflection and healing.”

(4:06) – “We have been opening our doors as wide as we can to the broadest diversity of entrants to this university since its inception.”

(5:38) – “This is a place of learning and of sport. That says something about the breadth and the value and the opportunity that we have at Michigan State University.”

(6:55) – “It’s very important to me that we are ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment in celebration of athletics for those who don’t drink as well.”

(9:26) – “This is really a moment for leadership in the area of athletics to ensure that we don’t tip into a place where we’ve lost the student-athletes’ value proposition.”

(11:08) – We really want to make that message clear that the value proposition of an MSU degree is high. And the dollars you put into your degree when you complete really never amortize. They only grow.”

(12:22) – “Michigan State is really making a difference, just as our founders said, in the practical sciences and arts.”

(13:20) – “What I want people to know is that the research we do has practical implication in the lives we live.”

(14:57) – “We are an ecosystem of innovation.”

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