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Tough Sell for Turnips

Season 13 Episode 7 | 44s

With an excess supply of turnips, Fred does his best to sell them.

Funding for Call the Midwife is provided by Viking.
Miss Higgins receives an unexpected visitor, and Poplar votes for its Mother of the Year.
Miss Higgins is paid a visit from her long lost son, Victor.
After catching Sylvester with Joyce's salary envelope, Rosalind confronts Joyce.
Sister Veronica and Sister Monica Joan exchange some heated words.
Joyce receives an unexpected visitor and a teenage mother reveals a disturbing truth.
Fred accidentally orders too many turnips.
Nonnatus House welcomes a mysterious visitor, who claims to be Joyce’s cousin.
Shelagh gives Sister Victoria’s music arrangement for children a shot.
Nervous for her upcoming exams, Rosalind confides in Nurse Crane.
Miss Higgins, perennially a responsible driver, navigates Lindy to the maternity ward.