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Season 3 Episode 1 | 3m 08s

In the third year of this 7-year project examining the issues facing the planet’s most threatened ecosystems, Dr. M. Sanjayan visits the Maldives to take an in-depth look at coral reefs and the urgent efforts to help them survive climate change.

The innovative mission to restore coral reefs with a groundbreaking musical twist.
Dr M. Sanjayan investigates the urgent efforts to help coral reefs survive climate change.
M. Sanjayan witnesses the ingenious net capturing of coral spawn.
Discover the non-antibiotic solutions used to combat stony coral tissue loss disease.
Meet Floaty Boat, the high-tech vessel ensuring precise coral larvae restoration.
Dr. Niels Martin Schmidt's team are monitoring muskoxen in the frozen northeast.
Sanjayan travels to Australia to see the effects of climate change.
Sanjayan visits Australia’s east coast to explore mangrove forests, spot dugongs and more.
M. Sanjayan witnesses the damage done by camels to an Australian ancestral waterhole.
Changing Planet revisits six of our planet's most vulnerable ecosystems.