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Fluid Power

Season 7 Episode 707 | 26m 46s

Sinking marshmallows and squooshy balloons! The curiosity flows as the Crew learns all about fluid power. STEM Challenge: Making a Hydraulic Machine Curious About Careers: TBD

Aired: 07/04/21
July 24, 2023 - PBS NewsHour full episode
Brooks and Capehart on the ouster of George Santos
Remembering Sandra Day O'Connor and her legacy on and off the Supreme Court
Santos expelled from House in wake of his many lies and scandals
News Wrap: Appeals court rules Jan. 6 lawsuits Trump can move forward
Israeli officials repeatedly dismissed warning signs before Hamas attack, report claims
War returns to Gaza after cease-fire between Israel and Hamas ends
Governor signs new energy package - what's the impact? A correpondents edition of OTR.
December 1, 2023 - PBS NewsHour full episode
A look at the consequential and controversial legacy of Henry Kissinger
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