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Sell By, Best By? Or Just Bye-Bye? Decoding Food Expiration

Season 4 Episode 5 | 5m 01s

Did you know these dates might be tricking you into unnecessary food waste? Discover the impact of confusing labels on your wallet and the environment. Unearth the secrets behind "sell by," "best by," and "use by" dates. Beware, these dates might mislead you into unnecessary food waste. Let's demystify food expiration dates for a sustainable kitchen!

Aired: 12/10/23
Unearth the world beneath our feet and soil's vital role in our food system.
Get ready to reevaluate everything you thought you knew about sugar and hyperactivity.
Unearth the history of insect eating and explore the protein-packed world of insects.
Discover the Truth Behind Egg Labels and the differences between them all.
Would you eat steak grown in a lab? Chicken from a petri dish? It's not science fiction!
What does caffeine do to our bodies that makes us perk up and give us a mood boost?
Not all oils are created equal. With so many options, what’s a home chef to do?
Think your truffle popcorn has real truffle? Think again.
Why do we crave fatty, sugary, and salty snacks? We put junk food under the microscope
We’re challenging some serious carnivores in the ultimate burger brawl.