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Panel following the film "American Jedi." Discussion features the film’s producers.
Appraisal: Lord Byron Cellarette & Portrait, ca. 1810
Appraisal: Moehn Brewing Co. Poster, ca. 1905
Appraisal: Winking Eyes Clock, ca. 1900
Appraisal: Hyde & Goodrich Silver Tureen, ca. 1850
Appraisal: Newcomb College Vase, ca. 1908
Appraisal: John Ringling Hotel Plate, ca. 1930
Appraisal: Carved Oak Side Chair, ca. 1890
Appraisal: 1919 Käthe Kollwitz Woodcut
Appraisal: 1953 MAD Issue 8 Complete "Frank N. Stein" Story
Appraisal: 1912 Stevenson Facsimile of 1497 Genoese World Map