Bill Schuette

AG Bill Schuette
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The Michigan Supreme Court says a progressive group can seek emails that could show then-Attorney General Bill Schuette and members of his staff trying to shield some of their activities by using private accounts.

river and buildings
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Prosecutors who dropped charges against eight people in the Flint water scandal explained their decision in a public forum Friday night, telling frustrated, shocked and saddened residents they must look at hundreds of mobile devices and millions of documents that a previous investigative team never reviewed.

Attorney General Dana Nessel

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission is not bound by a 2018 state opinion that says LGBT people have no protection under an anti-discrimination law, Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office said Tuesday, citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s pending consideration of whether sex-based discrimination covers sexual orientation and gender identity.

Flint water tower
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UPDATED with AP correction on April 30: A special prosecutor who spent three years leading a criminal investigation of the Flint water scandal has been fired, officials announced Monday, apparently part of the fallout from the recent discovery of 23 boxes of records in the basement of a state building.

AG Bill Schuette
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A lawsuit against former Attorney General Bill Schuette will be decided by the highest court in Michigan. Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports.

Dana Nessel, Kym Worthy

New Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says she is hoping to settle 79 lawsuits that were filed against the state and its employees by Flint residents following the city's crisis with lead-contaminated drinking water.

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer
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Republicans’ eight-year run of complete control over state government has come to an end. The midterm election means Michigan’s government will change with Democrats taking the governor’s office.

Ballot and Machine
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Michigan Democrats are trying to crack the Republican Party's hold on most statewide offices and congressional seats by fielding a slate of female candidates in Tuesday's election.

AG Bill Schuette
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Fraud charges have been filed against a woman who worked for Centria Healthcare, the largest provider of autism therapy in Michigan.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette on Tuesday canceled TV ads across Michigan in the final week of the race, except in the Detroit market — another sign that his campaign was facing an uphill climb to defeat Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.