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EL's Power Resigns from City Council

Aug 23, 2012
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The East Lansing City Council is down one member after Wednesday's unexpected resignation of first-term member Don Power.

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The Amtrak train station just off the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing is getting a major renovation.  The Capital Area Transportation Authority has received a $6.3 million federal grant to rebuild the station and add a separate bus terminal.

Amtrak Train
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Regional transportation planners will use a federal grant to rebuild and enhance the Amtrak train station in East Lansing. 

The $6.3 million grant will help the Capital Area Transportation Authority expand the Amtrak station near Michigan State University.  CATA will create a 200-acre multi-modal facility, with a separate bus terminal, upgraded waiting platform and accommodations for taxis and bicycles. 

U.S.  Department of Transportation general counsel Robert Rivkin says the project is part of a $12 billion federal program to improve intercity rail service.

City Center II Discussions End

Jun 26, 2012
Courtesy / Strathmore Development

East Lansing city officials and Strathmore Development have ended years of ongoing discussions over City Center II.

Courtesy / Strathmore Development

For years, East Lansing has struggled over what to do about the derelict buildings at Grand River and Abbot Road.  Some say an ambitious, multi-use development--City Center II--could be transformational.   That  proposal enters a crucial phase today.  The city council begins what could be the final discussions involving Strathmore Development’s $105-million downtown development plan.  WKAR’s Mark Bashore reports on what could be “high noon” for the seven year old public-private venture.

EL Official Updates Damage to 'Lofts' Site

Jun 19, 2012
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East Lansing officials say a damaged downtown development will need more repairs than originally thought.

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The East Lansing City Council votes tonight on a proposed budget that could give residents some short-term relief from tax hikes.

East Lansing officials will decide Tuesday night whether the latest City Center II plans are worth further study. The East Lansing City Council is expected to vote on a ‘pre-development’ agreement with Strathmore Development involving the proposed $105 million mixed-use project.

The agreement calls for an outside accounting study of the plan to be paid for by developer Scott Chappelle. It would also give the City Council until July to decide whether to finally go forward with the often-delayed project.

Book Club Seeks Advice for Living

Feb 9, 2012
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EAST LANSING, MI (WKAR) - Members of the Better Living Book Club in East Lansing want to deal with their personal problems and live a happier life.

People join book clubs for all kinds of reasons: to socialize, to read books they wouldn't normally read or to hear opinions that are different from their own. In one book club in East Lansing, members are reading about how to deal with their personal problems and live a happier life.

EL superintendent defends Red Cedar decision

Nov 28, 2011

The East Lansing school district is preparing for a federal review of allegations of racial bias. The review was triggered by a complaint that its decision to close Red Cedar Elementary School will disproportionately harm students of color at the school.  District officials defend their decision by pointing to various demographic patterns-mainly one that shows a declining student population in the neighborhood.