East Lansing

Holistic Health is a business that offers medical marijuana exams and renewals on Grand River in East Lansing. After Prop. 1 was passed in 2018 the city council and candidates are faced with deciding what role recreational marijuana will play in the city.
Alec Gerstenberger, WKAR

After Proposition 1 was passed by Michigan voters in 2018, many cities and counties in the state are grappling with how they’ll open their communities to recreational marijuana. That includes college towns like Ann Arbor  and East Lansing, where marijuana has been decriminalized for years.  

Over the past two years there's been 20 large scale development projects in East Lansing. This year's East Lansing City Council candidates, have differnt philosophies on how the development should be conducted.
Alec Gerstenberger, WKAR

There has been a surge in development in East Lansing over the last two years with 20 major projects that have dramatically changed the skyline of the city. The new structures, the majority of which being apartment complexes designed with students in mind, have brought with them more students.

The candidates running for this year’s city council election generally support the development. Candidates differ on how they want to go forward from the current breakneck pace. Where they differ is in how they want to move forward after such a rapid surge in development. 

Water Faucet
Public Domain

Water mains will be flushed starting today in East Lansing.

View from an apartment on Landmark's 12th floor
Alec Gerstenberger/WKAR-MSU

One of the apartment buildings that is changing the skyline of East Lansing opens in August 2019. WKAR News student reporter Alec Gerstenberger toured the 12 story Landmark on Grand River apartment units and created this photo gallery. Click here for a link to a story about the new apartments and cost concerns by WKAR News student reporter Alina Zhuravel.

View of the Landmark apartments from the leasing office on the first floor
Alec Gerstenberger/WKAR-MSU

After months of construction, residents are beginning to occupy the tall apartment buildings that have changed the skyline of East Lansing.  We recently toured of one of the complexes. 


Electric scooters will return to East Lansing when Michigan State University students begin the fall semester. However, Lime or Bird won't provide the scooters. A different company, Gotcha, will make its debut.



High Temps Prompt Cooling Centers To Open

Jul 17, 2019
Sky over Greater Lansing Area
Ray Garcia / WKAR-MSU

With temperatures rising above 95 degrees this week, cooling centers will be open in Clinton, Eaton, Ingham and Jackson counties. 

East Lansing Barber Mando Gutierrez Does Double Duty, Dominating The Hair And MMA Game

May 23, 2019
Mando Gutierrez

Gutierrez, an undefeated featherweight, is looking to move up in the MMA ranks through his passion and athletic background.

Michigan State Video Game Development Lives Up To Top 10 Rating

May 17, 2019
Amanda Poole

Video games are more than something Michigan State students play. The development of new games, and the academic study of the science is putting MSU at the head of the class nationally.


Bird scooter
Reginald Hardwick / WKAR-MSU

Electric scooters will return to East Lansing sometime this summer, but this time there will be different regulations in place.