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In about eight weeks, a crop of new Michigan legislators will be sworn in.  One of them, Democrat Curtis Hertel Jr., cruised to victory in Michigan's 23rd Senate district, which is nearly coniguous with Ingham County.  Hertel currently serves as the County Register of Deeds. He will succeed Gretchen Whitmer, who is term limited.


Tuesday evening, Lansing and East Lansing residents learned who their next U.S. Congressman would be. Former Republican State Senator Mike Bishop will become part of a GOP majority Congress in January.

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With some exceptions, Michigan Republicans have reason to celebrate the 2014 mid-term election. Several major statewide offices, as polls ususally suggested, went to GOP incumbents including Governor Rick Snyder, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. But Democrats are celebrating the election of Congressman Gary Peters to the U.S. Senate and a victory on Michigan’s conservative leaning Supreme Court.

Months of campaign rhetoric come to a finale tomorrow, when  Michiganders will have their say at the polls. More than 4.7-million residents voted in the 2012 presidential election. This year’s contest is almost sure to draw fewer voters than two years ago.

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The end of the month is here. Many of us in the media put Michigan’s mid-term election front and center during October. In four days, voters will finally decide who will be Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State as well as who will succeed Michigan’s Carl Levin in the U.S. Senate and dozens of elected representatives at the state capitol.


Five days before a mid-term election, the media is full of political news involving  candidates, Democratic and Republican. In reality of course, the political landscape is more diverse. On Tuesday, Michigan voters will, for example, face at least five choices for Governor, including little known candidates from the Libertarian, Green and U.S. Taxpayers parties.


Current State’s coverage of the 2014 mid-term election continues this week. Yesterday, we heard from the Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional district, Mike Bishop. While the 8th, which includes Lansing and East Lansing, has been reconfigured to the GOP’s advantage, Democrat Eric Schertzing says he’s confident heading into the contest, which is now one week away.


Next Tuesday, Ingham county voters will help determine who will represent them in the U.S. Congress. Today and tomorrow, Current State visits with both of the major party candidates. Many observers favor Republican Mike Bishop to win in the 8th district, which comprises Ingham, Livingston and northern Oakland counties.

ELECTION 2014: Republican AG Bill Schuette

Oct 24, 2014
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In eleven days, Michigan voters will decide who will hold a handful of statewide offices, one of them, Attorney General. The race pits incumbent Republican Bill Schuette against Democratic challenger Mark Totten, who was a guest on Current State last week.


We have another look at the 2014 election today. This time, we consider the race for the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees. The board will have two newcomers next year.

Courtesy Pam Byrnes for Congress

Democrat Pam Byrnes is running to unseat Republican Tim Walberg in Michigan's 7th congressional district, which includes Eaton County.

Byrnes says she's running because Washington is broken and not serving Michigan families.

MiVote - Michigan Supreme Court Forum

Oct 21, 2014


MiVote: Supreme Court Forum is a sit down conversation with three of the eight candidates running for a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court – Judge Deborah A. Thomas, Judge Bill Murphy, and Judge James Robert Redford.


Election Day is now just two weeks off. Democrats and Republicans in Michigan and across the country are rallying their bases in a final push to get out the vote. Some voters, though, lean towards other political persuasions. There are a handful of smaller parties out there, like the Green Party and the Libertarians. One such party is blowing the dust off an old 19th century name and re-booting for a 21st century world.

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Election day is November 4th, and voters have lots of decisions to make. We have an important state senate race, several local state house races, and there are some important proposals to be decided.

Election 2014: Democratic AG candidate Mark Totten

Oct 17, 2014
Courtesy Mark Totten for Attorney General

If the flyers, phone calls and door knockers haven't tipped you off yet, it's election season in Michigan.

But before you hit the polls, you need to know a little bit about what and who is on the ballot.

As part of Current State's "Election 2014" series, we speak with the Democratic candidate for Michigan attorney general, Mark Totten.

Totten is a former federal prosecutor and a professor of criminal law and ethics at Michigan State University.