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It's the last debate of the 2020 election.

Many might be saying, "Thank goodness," given what a mess that first debate turned into.

After that debate — and the way President Trump in particular conducted himself — Trump took a hit in the polls. This final debate represents the last, best chance for the president, who has been consistently behind in this race, to gain some momentum.

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Democratic Latinx voters could help determine whether Michigan flips blue in the November election, but there are questions about whether the campaign for Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is reaching this electorate. 


With less than two weeks until voting concludes, President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will face off for the final time in a debate on Thursday, likely marking Trump's last chance to reach a massive audience as he trails Biden in polls nationally and in key states.

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One of President Donald Trump’s sons visited Lansing Tuesday in a bid to shore up support for his father two weeks before the election. 

City of Lansing Ballot Drop-Box
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With two weeks until the election, more than one and a half million Michiganders have returned their absentee ballots. That’s out of the 2.8 million people in total who have requested ballots.

You may be wondering what happens once you drop your ballot off or put it in the mail.

Michigan Election Head: Drop Off Absentee Ballot, Don’t Mail

Oct 20, 2020
Courtesy / Michigan Executive Office of the Governor

Updated at 4:30 pm ET

Michigan’s top elections official said Tuesday that the presidential battleground state’s 1.5 million people with absentee ballots still in-hand should put them in a drop box or take them to their local clerk’s office rather than risk sending them by mail with two weeks to go until Election Day.

Black Bottom Gun Club

Religious and ethnic minorities have long felt targeted by the Trump administration. Now in the heat of a Presidential election, pandemic and armed white backlash, their anxiety levels are rising.

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Michigan election officials are bracing for some big challenges on November 3, and a final vote count may take several days.

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Michigan faces a heightened risk of extremist violence even after the November election.

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Oct 19, 2020
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