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Williamston Preps For Michigan Democratic Primary

Mar 9, 2020
Ian Gilmour

As the Michigan Democratic Primary on March 10 nears, the city of Williamston is preparing to do its part.

bridge and rocks
Alec Gerstenberger / WKAR-MSU

Along with the presidential primary on Tuesday, voters have a number of proposals to consider.

mental health building
Courtesy / Clinton Eaton Ingham Community Mental Health

On Tuesday, Ingham County residents will decide whether to re-authorize funding for a health care program for low-income residents.  


Governor Gretchen Whitmer delivers her response to President Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday.
Courtesy of the office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is backing Joe Biden for president days before the state’s Democratic primary, giving the former vice president another boost after his success on Super Tuesday.

Some Republican are echoing President Donald Trump's claims that an increase in voting by mail will lead to fraud, others campaigning and in charge of running elections disagree.

Michigan’s top election official is already advising voters that results from Tuesday’s presidential primary will likely be late.

Bloomberg will officially be on ballots across the country for Super Tuesday, the first time he's appeared on a ballot alongside other Democratic frontrunners. He's betting heavily on a good Super Tuesday showing to transfer into wins the next week.
Maxim Jenkins, WKAR

While some of the biggest names in the race to become the Democratic nominee for President dropped out ahead of Super Tuesday, one candidate’s big gamble doesn’t start until today. Mike Bloomberg has spent a huge amount of money in Michigan ahead of the state’s primary next week, and he’s hoping the payoff could be a share of the state’s 147 delegates.

The Pivot County

It’s overcast and snow is on the horizon in Saginaw, Michigan—one of the twelve counties in the state that voted twice for President Obama and then for President Trump.

WKAR file photo

It’s not too late: Voters who used an absentee ballot for Michigan’s March 10 presidential primary election can change their preference and start over.

East Lansing voters photo
WKAR File Photo

A ballot drive launched Friday calls for replacing Michigan’s flat personal income tax with a graduated system, which supporters said would cut taxes for more than 90% of residents and raise them on higher earners.

State Sen. Mike Shirkey (R) Clarklake

It is still possible Michigan could change its rules on how absentee ballots are counted on election night.

A month ahead of Michigan’s March presidential primary, there’s been a 70 percent increase in absentee ballot requests, after voters in the state passed no-reason absentee voting in 2018.
James Durkee / Flickr Creative Commons

At 9:30 a.m. in the bowels of an old building, four elderly women are being trained to count absentee ballots at the City of Lansing’s elections unit.

Election Supervisor Robin Stites is firing up the tabulators for the trainees to practice on. Over the whir of the vote counting machines Stites says she’s worried, “When the results aren’t in and it’s held up by Michigan and we’re Iowa in the news, I just want to be like, ‘We tried! We tried!’”

A Surge In Absentee Ballots