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In early October, Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy learned she had to reorder the ballots for one of the precincts she oversees. A candidate for trustee in the Village of Mancelona needed to be added to the ticket before the upcoming election.

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With a critical Tuesday deadline looming, Republican challengers unhappy with Election Day vote counting lost their latest challenge in a decision handed down by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

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Hundreds rallied at the Michigan State Capitol on Saturday in support of President Donald Trump and verifying every vote for president in the state.

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Thousands of President Trump's most fervent supporters were out in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for a day of rallying that echoed the false assertion that the presidential election was marked by fraud.

One week after Joe Biden's presidential victory brought about spontaneous celebrations in the nation's capital, a crowd that included the group Women for America First, right-wing activists and conspiracy theorists gathered in the city's downtown near the White House.

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There’s been a fair amount of attention given this election cycle on how Latinx people would vote.

Early exit poll data suggests Latinx voters in Michigan overwhelmingly supported President-elect Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

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A Wayne County judge on Friday rejected as “not credible” complaints by Republican poll challengers that they were blocked from doing their jobs on election night. The decision means certification of the state’s election totals will continue on schedule despite challenges from President Donald Trump’s campaign.

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A Wayne County judge has promised a decision by Friday on whether to order a delay in certifying election results.

Republicans outperformed the polls up and down the ballot in the 2020 election, to the surprise even of many Republican political operatives and survey researchers.

To be clear, Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Trump; Democrats will still control the House and still have a chance of picking up the Senate.

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President-elect Joe Biden will take office in January with a lot of promises to keep. He has pledged to enact new policies swiftly that veer the U.S. off President Trump's current path.

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