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The tumultuous and chaotic Trump presidency is coming to an end — even if President Trump himself hasn't accepted it yet.

Democrat Joe Biden is now the president-elect, according to calls from The Associated Press, which NPR relies on for race calls, as well as all the other broadcast networks.

Biden is currently at 290 electoral votes, 20 more than needed thanks to Pennsylvania, which was called Saturday. Biden is on track to win 306 electoral votes if his slim lead holds in Georgia.

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Republican-led House and Senate committees met today to vote themselves subpoena power to examine the conduct of the election. The vote by the joint House and Senate oversight committees fell along party lines.

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Michiganders are reacting in very different ways to the announcement that former Vice President Joe Biden has been declared the projected winner of the 2020 presidential election.

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After holding a majority in the Michigan House of Representatives for the sixth time in a row, Republicans elected new leadership Thursday.

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With former Vice President Joe Biden inching closer to the 270 Electoral College votes he needs to win, President Trump and his campaign have ramped up their efforts to delegitimize the vote-counting process.

Those efforts have come both in public comments, with Trump airing unfounded conspiracies and incorrect information about voting in recent days, and in lawsuits that have thus far had almost no success.

Peters Says James’ Refusal To Concede Election ‘Pathetic’

Nov 5, 2020
Courtesy / Gary Peters | Facebook

Celebrating his reelection, Sen. Gary Peters on Thursday pledged to fight for Democratic values and be bipartisan in his second term while saying it was “sad” and “pathetic” that Republican challenger John James had refused to concede defeat.

Trump Campaign Loses Legal Challenge Over Ballot Counting

Nov 5, 2020
ballot envelope
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A judge on Thursday dismissed a legal challenge by President Donald Trump’s campaign in a dispute over whether enough Republican observers were allowed to watch the handling of Michigan absentee ballots.

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Nearly two hundred people carrying signs in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden rallied at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing Wednesday evening. They were demanding all votes be counted in the presidential election.

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The votes are in – and Michigan’s 16 electoral votes will go to Democrat Joe Biden once the results are officially certified. The unofficial tally wrapped up Wednesday.

Democrats' long-term hopes for electoral success have long cited the growing Latino population in the country. But former Vice President Joe Biden's performance in heavily Latino areas of key states has concerned members of his party — and may have cost him Electoral College votes, according to groups and activists working to mobilize Latino voters.

Nationally, Biden appears to have gotten support from roughly twice as many Latino voters as President Trump, but that support looked very different depending on where you looked in three key states with large Latino populations.