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State Treasurer Nick Khouri says that for the first time in nearly 18 years no Michigan city or public school district is under financial oversight through an emergency manager.

After objections, Detroit bankruptcy process continues at capitol

May 13, 2014
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Yesterday marked the deadline for objections to Detroit’s plan of adjustment to be filed. Over a dozen criticisms were registered by residents, creditors and even the federal government.


A building official says a crowd of people who held a protest in the Detroit City Hall lobby temporarily disrupted services.


The governor's nominee to become Detroit's emergency financial manager says the job is the "Olympics of restructuring" but he feels compelled to take it on.

Detroit city officials were at a hearing in Lansing Tuesday pleading for more time to fix the city’s finances before Governor Rick Snyder names an emergency manager.

Detroit's financial woes may lead to drastic action

Feb 18, 2013
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State officials and many in southeast Michigan have been keeping a very close eye on financial reports coming out of Detroit.  Sunday's Detroit Free Press reported that an emergency financial report completed late Friday suggests an emergency manager is inevitable.  The report found the city’s deficit continues to grow even after some degree of state oversight for more than 10 months.  

Free Press reporter and columnist Nancy Kaffer joins us to explain one of the biggest, ongoing stories in Michigan.

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The Michigan Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit seeking to remove the state-appointed emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools.

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he plans to sign a revised emergency manager bill that replaces a similar law rejected last month by voters.

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A new version of a local government emergency manager bill will be rolled out Thursday at the state Capitol.

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A lawsuit claims no state-appointed managers should be running Michigan cities or school districts until after voters determine the fate of the emergency manager law in November.

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The referendum to challenge Michigan’s emergency manager law is officially on the November ballot, and the law is suspended until after the election. Now, there’s a new fight brewing over whether the old emergency financial manager law now takes over.

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Attorney General Bill Schuette says if Michigan’s emergency manager law is rejected by voters in November then the old law takes over – and that still allows the governor to name a financial manager to run a city or school district.

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The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered the referendum on the state’s emergency manager law onto the November ballot.           

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State Treasurer Andy Dillon says the emergency managers running four cities in Michigan will be quickly re-appointed to serve as emergency financial managers under the former law – with one exception.

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The Michigan Supreme Court will decide the fate of a referendum on the state’s emergency manager law after spending more than an hour and half listening to arguments. The case also brought a few hundred demonstrators to Lansing.