Police Lights

Authorities say a 13-year-old boy was hurt when a gun he and his 3-year-old brother were playing with discharged in basement of a Detroit home.

Michigan State’s Demmer Shooting Center Aims To Involve Community In Safe Shooting Sports

Feb 14, 2019
Demmer Center
Jack Sznewajs

The Demmer Center works with beginners to Olympic hopefuls, sharing the love of shooting. 

Lee Chatfield

What happens when a state lawmaker brings a gun to an airport?

That question is playing out for a Republican in Northern Michigan.

State Representative Lee Chatfield had an unregistered loaded gun in his luggage when he went to board a flight at a tiny airport in Pellston in July.

City of Flint water tower
Ben Gordon / flickr creative commons

Two Michigan parents are facing charges after one of their 4-year-old twin daughters shot and wounded herself with a loaded handgun she found in a toy closet.