Sep 26, 2020
Cindy Kyle | MSU IPPSR

Question raised in latest State of the State Podcast

While the polls show former Vice President Joe Biden ahead in in the race for president, the margin may not be enough to win the White House, a Michigan State University economist cautioned in the latest State of the State Podcast.

Results from State of the State Survey, election and economic trends


As the world continues to battle the coronavirus, Michigan residents are giving Gov. Gretchen Whitmer high job performance marks while describing their personal finances as more depressed, new results from the State of the State Survey show.



Cindy Kyle | MSU IPPSR

In much of the United States, the earnings of African American workers have fallen relative to the earnings of white workers since the late 1970s and early 1980s, according to a new study from two Michigan State University economists.

High Speed Internet: Boost to Distance Learning

May 27, 2020
Cindy Kyle | MSU IPPSR

Will pandemic inspire more support for access, asks State of the State Podcast

High speed internet should be available to all learners, especially students in K-12 schools, another lesson from the coronavirus pandemic, researchers broadcasting on the State of the State Podcast are agreed.

Cindy Kyle | IPPSR MSU

State of the State is the monthly roundup of policy and research for the State of Michigan from the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University and our friends at WKAR. Arnold Weinfeld, associate director for the institute, is joined as always by MSU economist Dr. Charley Ballard and Institute Director Dr. Matt Grossmann.

Cindy Kyle | IPPSR at MSU

The novel Coronavirus pandemic that’s scarred the country with death and disease has sparked economic recession, says Michigan State University's Charles Ballard in the latest edition of the State of the State Podcast.


Predictions ahead for 2020 in the final State of the State Podcast of 2019

After three sluggish years, Michigan’s economy could perk up in 2020 with relaxed tariffs, an end to the General Motors’ strike and a bipartisan North American Free Trade Agreement, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research podcasters are predicting.

Russ White | MSU Today

IPPSR Director’s Newest Book Reviewed on the State of the State Podcast.

While the nation has gained more than a million jobs this year, job growth in the U.S. heartland is stagnant to slowing, a Michigan State University economist said during November’s State of the State Podcast.

The monthly podcast features IPPSR Director Matt Grossmann, MSU Economics Professor Charles Ballard and IPPSR Associate Director Arnold Weinfeld, with special guests, swapping views on politics, the economy and the state of the state and the world.

Michigan is experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers in districts small and large, urban and rural, leaving school district superintendents unable to fill temporarily vacant positions several times a schoolweek, new research conducted at Michigan State University concludes.

Cindy Kyle MSU IPPSR

New Michigan State University research finds an urgent need to take a series of steps to recruit and retain the state’s pre-K teachers passionate about a profession that’s crucial to the success of 4-year-old learners.

At the same time that increasing numbers of 4-year-olds are entering Michigan’s pre-Kindergarten classrooms, their teachers are thinking about departing for lack of pay and appreciation, MSU researchers said.