Michigan is experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers in districts small and large, urban and rural, leaving school district superintendents unable to fill temporarily vacant positions several times a schoolweek, new research conducted at Michigan State University concludes.

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New Michigan State University research finds an urgent need to take a series of steps to recruit and retain the state’s pre-K teachers passionate about a profession that’s crucial to the success of 4-year-old learners.

At the same time that increasing numbers of 4-year-olds are entering Michigan’s pre-Kindergarten classrooms, their teachers are thinking about departing for lack of pay and appreciation, MSU researchers said.


It’s all about politics, tariffs and the popular vote – read that as redistricting -- in June’s State of the State Podcast.

Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research fielded three well-known voices on the State of the State Podcast: Interim IPPSR Director Arnold Weinfeld, economist Charles Ballard and Corwin Smidt, associate professor of political science.

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Michigan residents support a transition from coal-fired energy to more solar and wind powered electricity, a new Michigan State University research report finds.

Public support of natural gas-generated electricity was more mixed, says MSU College of Engineering researchers who queried Michigan residents through a combination of interviews, focus group and general public attitudes.  

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“I think the biggest takeaway from the recent Michigan primary election is that most of the polling was correct,” says MSU economist Charles Ballard, who runs the State of the State surveys. “The November election is shaping up to be what we thought it was going to look like several months ago.”

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Michigan consumers are basking in the warmth of a strong economy, but just slightly warmer toward their top elected leaders, results from a new Michigan State University State of the State Survey indicate.

Of those taking part in the latest survey, more than half – 60.9 percent -- declared their financial circumstances good or excellent.

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State of the State is a monthly discussion with MSU researchers who provide context and evidence to inform Michigan policy debates.

Matt Grossmann, political scientist and Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR), Charles Ballard, economist and Director of the State of the State Survey, and Arnold Weinfeld, associate director of IPPSR, engage in a lively discussion of Michigan policy and current events each month.