Nancy DeJoy faces away from the camera, looking towards a man handling a machine engraving her poem into the concrete
Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

This month, we’ve seen the launch of the annual ArtPath exhibition from the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center along the River Trail.

One piece is an unexpected take on what public art can be.

Acuna paints small details on an eye using yellow paint
Sophia Saliby/ WKAR

The Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center has debuted its annual ArtPath exhibition along the Lansing River Trail. There are 20 installations by Michigan artists.

Over the course of June, WKAR will be bringing you profiles of some of the artists with work along the trail.

The front of the Salus Center in Lansing. The sign is in a custom font of block letters, each in a different color. In the window is a painted mural of a unicorn for Pride and several LGBT flags.
Sophia Saliby/ WKAR

Lansing's Salus Center is commemorating this year's Pride Month with community outreach events that are COVID-19 safe.

Lansing Common FC Prepares For Inaugural Soccer Season

May 10, 2021
Lansing Common
Lansing Common

The community-owned soccer amateur club wants to bring soccer back to the Mid-Michigan area.

WKAR File Photo

Lansing Community College will host a virtual commencement this month in place of an in-person ceremony.

School officials cite health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic in cancelling the in-person event for the second year in a row.

Lansing skyline
WKAR File Photo

A new report analyzing more than 40 different aspects of the Lansing region's economy has found four main areas for improvement.

They include population growth, educational attainment, private sector growth and affordability.

Picture of houses lined up in a row.
Courtesy / CANVA

Lansing’s Racial Justice and Equity Alliance says the city needs more data on housing equality, affordability, and education.

The group presented the finding during a community update over zoom Thursday.

Mayor Schor created the group in July 2020 following a series of calls for police reform and changes to systemic racism in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The alliance, made up of four committees, is creating a plan to address housing insecurity to narrow the disparities among people of color.

Image of three women gathering outdoors for a drink.
Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Social districts could soon be a new scene for outdoor gatherings in Lansing.

The Lansing City Council on Monday adopted a resolution to create dedicated spaces in three Lansing districts where people could drink alcohol.

Lansing MMA Fighter Mando Gutierrez Has No Doubts Following First Loss

Apr 12, 2021
Mando Gutierrez

Gutirrez looks to bounce back from loss, plus training and bouts hampered by pandemic.

Moores Park Pool with Eckert Power Plant in the background
Mary McGuire

The Moores Park Pool has been a summer staple in Lansing for almost 100 years.

It has fallen into some disrepair in recent years, but now, work is being done to create a plan to preserve and revive it.