Marijuana in Michigan

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In 2008, Michigan voters approved medical marijuana use. Ten years later, Michigan voters may be asked to legalize recreational marijuana use.

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As both the city of Lansing and the state of Michigan prepare to initiate new guidelines regarding medical marijuana, the WKAR News team is reporting on all angles.

We are also updating this section with stories on the push to legalize marijuana statewide in 2018.

Michigan’s medical marijuana industry will take a giant leap forward in Lansing on Thursday.

Michigan regulators have significantly expanded the list of conditions approved for treatment by medical marijuana.

Michigan voters will be asked next November to decide if recreational marijuana use should be legal in the state. A new survey showing voters are slightly against the idea.

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November is months away. But the group that put recreational marijuana use on the general election ballot is already planning how to convince voters to mark ‘yes.’

Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is getting some outside help.

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Michigan voters will decide whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

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Republican legislative leaders are at odds as a deadline nears to enact a marijuana legalization measure or let it go to a statewide vote in November.

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A group opposed to legalizing marijuana in Michigan is now asking the Legislature to adopt an initiative to do just that, As Capital Bureau Chief Rick Pluta reports, the opposition group says legalizing pot is pretty much a sure thing at this point.

Marijuana-infused beer, wine, and spirits would be outlawed under a bill adopted by the state Senate.

The City of Lansing continues to review applications for medical marijuana business licenses, and so far, few have been approved. Katie Cook reports.


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A state board is starting to move faster to finalize business licenses to grow, transport, test, and sell medical marijuana. As we hear from Capital Bureau Chief Rick Pluta, the marijuana board added three meetings to its schedule between now and the end of the year.

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The state House Republican leader says it’s still possible lawmakers will vote on legalizing marijuana in Michigan. But, as we hear from Capital Bureau Chief Rick Pluta, he says it is unlikely.

People who want a license to grow or sell medical marijuana in Michigan have yet more confusing circumstances to deal with when it comes to getting licensed.

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It appears the question of legalizing marijuana in Michigan is headed to the November ballot.

As we hear from Capital Bureau Chief Rick Pluta, a state elections board has certified the campaign has enough petition signatures to take the next step.