Marijuana in Michigan

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In 2008, Michigan voters approved medical marijuana use. Ten years later, Michigan voters may be asked to legalize recreational marijuana use.

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As both the city of Lansing and the state of Michigan prepare to initiate new guidelines regarding medical marijuana, the WKAR News team is reporting on all angles.

We are also updating this section with stories on the push to legalize marijuana statewide in 2018.

Editor's note - we originally incorrectly reported the businesses approved committed hiring close to 15,000 workers. The correct number is close to 1,500 workers.

The city of Lansing conditionally approved licenses for 10 medical marijuana facilities Tuesday.

Michigan lawmakers have approved permanent medical marijuana licensing rules, including a provision to allow dispensaries to deliver the drug to cardholders' homes.

Some Michigan communities are already saying no to marijuana businesses after voters approved the use of the drug for people 21 and older .

Bridge magazine reporter Alexandra Schmidt answered some of the biggest questions about Michigan's legalization of recreational marijuana law, approved by voters on November 6, 2018. 

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Michigan Medical Marihuana Licensing Board photo
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Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board met Thursday to consider another batch of applications.

Michigan voters have approved Proposal 1 legalizing recreational possession of marijuana for those age 21 and up.

Voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan, but the group against the measure says their fight isn’t over.  

A court has ruled the state cannot enforce a shortened deadline for medical marijuana businesses to get their state licenses.


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Michigan voters head to the polls next Tuesday for what many believe could become one of the most consequential midterm elections in decades.  One issue voters will be asked to decide is recreational marijuana.  If the measure passes, a portion of the collected tax revenue will go towards public education.

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What Happens If Michigan Legalizes Marijuana?

Oct 26, 2018

In just over two weeks recreational use of marijuana could be legal in Michigan. Then what happens?

Backers of broad marijuana legalization are looking to break through a geographic barrier in November and get their first foothold in the Midwest. Michigan and North Dakota, where voters previously authorized medical marijuana, will decide if the drug should be legal for any adult 21 and older. 

Legislation going to Gov. Rick Snyder for his expected signature would prohibit marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks in Michigan.

According to a new study, legalizing recreational marijuana would net half a billion dollars in new state tax revenue over its first five years.