Marijuana in Michigan

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In 2008, Michigan voters approved medical marijuana use. Ten years later, Michigan voters may be asked to legalize recreational marijuana use.

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As both the city of Lansing and the state of Michigan prepare to initiate new guidelines regarding medical marijuana, the WKAR News team is reporting on all angles.

We are also updating this section with stories on the push to legalize marijuana statewide in 2018.

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Capital Correspondent Cheyna Roth and Morning Edition Host Emily Fox discuss the week’s political news.

Michigan plans to allow medical marijuana patients and their doctors to complete registrations online.

The state is trying to figure out the “best way forward” for medical marijuana patients and shops. Capitol Correspondent Cheyna Roth reports a judge ordered the state to allow all medical marijuana dispensaries to stay open while they wait for their licenses to be approved by a state board.


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A Michigan judge has halted plans by state regulators that would have shuttered nearly 100 medical marijuana businesses as part of a newly approved set of licensing rules.

Michigan regulators on Tuesday again extended the deadline for medical marijuana businesses to be licensed, allowing 108 facilities to continue operating while warning that 98 others will be issued cease-and-desist letters if they do not close by the end of the week.

Some unlicensed medical marijuana businesses in the state are waiting to find out if they qualify for a deadline extension or if they’ll have to close their doors on Saturday.

Did you hear the doorbell? It could be your marijuana.

Michigan now has all the pieces it needs for a fully licensed and operational medical marijuana industry. But some marijuana businesses may still not get licensed before a September 15th deadline.


As both parties continue pumping funds into the 2018 race, Michigan Democrats hope to cash in on another kind of green.

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has asked the state police to look into whether any state officials are on the take related to the state's medical marijuana market.

Current State for July 14-15, 2018

Jul 13, 2018

On this weekend's show: In-depth interviews with MSU interim president John Engler and Dr. Mona Hanna-Atisha, the pediatrician in the middle of the Flint Water Crisis. Plus, Michigan expands the conditions for medical marijuana use, a program feeding Lansing students during the summer, Purple Heart medals being returned to the families of local veterans and the Eaton County Fair! 

State Issues Its First Medical Marijuana Licenses

Jul 12, 2018
The Medical Marijuana Licensing Board approved the state's first seven licenses Thursday.
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Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Licensing Board issued the state’s first seven operating licenses today at its meeting in downtown Lansing. Katie Cook reports.


Michigan’s medical marijuana industry will take a giant leap forward in Lansing on Thursday.

Michigan regulators have significantly expanded the list of conditions approved for treatment by medical marijuana.

Michigan voters will be asked next November to decide if recreational marijuana use should be legal in the state. A new survey showing voters are slightly against the idea.