Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Pandemic Boredom Brings Michiganders Outdoors, But Is It Sustainable?

Apr 14, 2021
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Hunting and fishing have trended up during the pandemic, but what happens next remains in flux.

New Restrictions On Commercial Fishing Amount To ‘Extortion,’ Say State Lawmakers

Jan 26, 2021
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In a scathing letter, several Michigan legislators urged the state Department of Natural Resources to renew all commercial fishing licenses and permits from 2020.

That’s after the DNR announced new restrictions that close the fishery for part of the year and limit the depth where fishers can catch whitefish to 80 feet.

Parks and Recreation Interest Spikes As Michigan Reopens

Jun 21, 2020
Courtesy / Michigan Department of Natural Resources

As the Michigan stay-at-home order issued to combat coronavirus is lifted, the parks and recreation industry is working to safely manage an unprecedented spike in attendees.

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The East Lansing city council is scheduled to vote on a possible deer cull at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Hunter with gun
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Hunting wildlife has long been ingrained in Michigan’s culture, but it is currently on a decline across the state as young adults opt to participate in other activities.

Authorities have sprayed more than 541,000 acres in recent weeks as a result of an alarming rise of the Eastern equine encephalitis disease, which can cause inflammation of the brain and has killed at least four people in the state.
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Officials in southern Michigan are warning that pesticides targeting a deadly mosquito-borne virus could kill other insects, including rare and beneficial species.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

State officials say the 40th cougar report in Michigan since 2008 has been confirmed.

ruffed grouse
Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources

Michigan officials are asking hunters who pursue ruffed grouse to submit some of the birds for West Nile virus testing.

smokey the bear
US Bureau of Land Management

State and federal agencies are gearing up for a Michigan celebration of Smokey Bear's 75-year legacy of preventing forest fires.

walleye fingerlings

More than 460,000 walleye fingerlings have been stocked in a bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.