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Michigan voters have elected two new members to the Michigan State University Board of Trustees.


Beaumont Tower
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WKAR invited the 10 candidates for MSU Board of Trustees to respond to a five-question survey.

Editor's Note: WKAR News received replies from six candidates: Brian Mosallam (D), Dr. Rema Vassar (D), Pat O’Keefe (R), Tonya Schuitmaker (R), Robin Laurain (Green Party) and Will Tyler White (Libertarian Party).

The other candidates are Brandon Hu (Green Party), Janet M. Sanger (U.S. Taxpayers Party), John Paul Sanger (U.S. Taxpayers Party) and Bridgette Abraham-Guzman (Natural Law Party).

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Three candidates for the Michigan State University Board of Trustees presented their positions Wednesday in an online forum.



Republican Pat O’Keefe and Democrats Brian Mosallam and Rema Vassar answered questions ranging from diversity, equity and inclusion to COVID-19 protocols. 



Michigan State University Trustees have voted to rename a building on campus after its namesake’s Ku Klux Klan membership came to light.

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Two prominent survivors in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal are supporting Michigan State University trustee Brian Mosallam’s (mo-SAHL-um's) bid for re-election.

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The MSU Board of Trustees will conduct their first virtual meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic began today. An April meeting was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Michigan State University

George Perles, who played and coached football at Michigan State University and later served MSU as a Trustee, died on Tuesday.

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Renee Knake was appointed to the Michigan State University Board of Trustees by Governor Whitmer in December 2019 to complete the term vacated by Nancy Schlichting. Knake currently serves as a professor of law at the University of Houston Law Center and as the Joanne and Larry Doherty Chair in Legal Ethics

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Two weeks ago, legal ethics professor Renee Knake was appointed to fill a vacancy on the MSU Board of Trustees by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Knake replaced Nancy Schlichting, who had resigned over what she saw as the failure of the board to advance the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal investigation.

WKAR’s Scott Pohl talks with the new Trustee about her perspective on MSU’s handling of the Nassar case.

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The newest Michigan State University trustee says she will personally review documents that have been withheld from investigators probing the Larry  Nassar scandal.