Some Home Garden Fertilizers Contain PFAS

May 25, 2021

If you buy some kinds of bagged fertilizer for your garden, you might be getting more than you want.

The Ecology Center and Sierra Club sampled different kinds of fertilizers made from biosolids. That’s the sludge left at a wastewater treatment plant after water is cleaned up. Almost all of them had PFAS compounds in them.

Washington state Department of Ecology

Michigan’s state Department of Health and Human Services has begun testing some firefighters for PFAS in their blood.

PFAS is a family of chemicals often used in firefighting foams. They’ve been linked to health problems including cancer and developmental disorders.


Michigan members of Congress are once again pushing legislation to speed the cleanup of sites contaminated with PFAS.

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Researchers and health experts warn that exposure to PFAS chemicals may leave people more vulnerable to COVID-19.

It may also make a vaccine less effective.

Whitmer Releases $500 Million Water Infrastructure Plan

Oct 1, 2020
Water Faucet
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced a $500 million plan Thursday to upgrade drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in Michigan that includes actions such as replacing lead service lines and removing chemical pollutants.

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New legislation in the state senate would increase the timeframe in which legal action could be taken against polluters in Michigan.

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New legislation in the state Senate would ban the use of PFAs in food packaging.

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Michigan State University is launching a new research program to learn more about a toxic family of chemicals known as PFAS.

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Michigan on Tuesday sued 3M, DuPont and other companies for financial damages from contamination caused by potentially harmful “forever” chemicals that are turning up in drinking water across the industrial state.

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New research finds that rainwater can be a source of PFAs chemicals.