plant biology

 Frank Telewski, Curator, W. J. Beal Botanical Garden and Campus Arboretum, spread seeds, from the Beal Bottle, in a tray in the growth lab.
Derrick L. Turner/Michigan State University

Last month, a team of plant biologists dug up a bottle of seeds on Michigan State University's campus buried by botanist, W.J. Beal, in 1879 and planted what was inside to see what would grow all these years later.

Lars Brudvig digs a hole in the dark of night. A green light illuminates the hole.
Derrick L. Turner/Michigan State University

It sounds like a scene out of a movie.

Four specialists moving into an undisclosed location with only a map of landmarks to guide their way. They’re working under the cover of darkness, digging to find what they’re looking for in a race against the sunrise.