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The state of Michigan has agreed to pay a total of $80 million to former juvenile inmates who say they were victims of sexual abuse in prison.

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New legislation in the state Senate would create a long list of required items for the Department of Corrections to report when it closes a prison.

The legislation would require the Department of Corrections to announce a closure one year in advance and to outline the impacts to communities where closures would occur.

The legislation would also require the department to hold a hearing in the community where a closure is planned.

Republican State Senator Ed McBroom sponsored the legislation.

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A museum devoted to the state prison system in Jackson will close its doors for the last time later this month.

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Lansing-based author Bethany Mauger's first book is getting national attention. She's the co-author of “Free Cyntoia: My Search For Redemption in the American Prison System" by Cyntoia Brown.

Brown killed a man when she was 16. Her story became national news when she was the subject of celebrity activist campaigns and later granted clemency by the governor of Tennessee after 15 years behind bars.

Mauger told WKAR's Scott Pohl that the book is the result of extensive interviews with Cyntoia Brown. Below are highlights of their conversation. 

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Michigan’s prison inmates are now allowed to apply for college financial aid through a state program that had long excluded them but was changed under the state’s 2020 budget.

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A state lawmaker wants to make sure Michigan doesn’t have any privately run prisons.

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Employees at the Michigan Department of Corrections face a higher chance of Major Depressive Disorder than first responders and other high stress jobs. That’s according to a new report released Monday.

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Two corrections officers have been charged in separate incidents that allegedly occurred while they were on duty at a county jail in southeastern Michigan.

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Officials say Michigan's only prison for women will be closed to visitors for part of next week as inmates are isolated and treated for scabies.

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More than 700 new corrections officers – that’s how many new hires the Michigan Department of Corrections hopes to make in 2019.